Frequently Asked questions

How are Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks made?

For us it is all about the veggies. So, we searched extensively and figured out that the best way to make them snackable delicious is to make them like just meat jerky! They are air dried/dehydrated to preserve the nutrients & taste and to add lots of texture. We mix in seasoning and seal everything in packages to keep it flavorful and ready when you are. Making great tasting veggie snacks is not easy, but it’s our passion and we are proud of it.

What do you call the process you use to make your veggie Jerky & Snacks taste so good?  

Technically it’s called: air drying/dehydrated. Its rapid, low temperature drying, which preserves the nutrients, concentrates the veggie, spice and liquid flavor, and adds lots of “jerky chewy”. By integrating Culinology, (the blending of culinary arts and the science of food. Culinology®, a registered trademark of RCA, is a fast-growing discipline that has evolved from the valuable partnership between the culinary professionals and food scientists) we will be able to shape the future of research and development in the food industry by combining the artistic abilities of culinary arts/Chef Pure Foods with the scientific expertise of food science. We would be able to adding natural, organic method, nutritional ingredients to supplement our products and farmers' approach into our foods and using only high quality, natural and nutritious ingredients. With this we would create healthier food choices. The RCA believes that “Culinologists can incorporate their knowledge of taste/texture with a scientific knowledge of food production to make nutritious, ‘ready-made’ products that more closely resemble their ‘from-scratch’ originals.”

What makes Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks Special?

Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks are special because when you munch on them you will see veggies you recognize, taste veggies you love and smile at the combinations you never thought would be so delicious! These Jerky & Snacks will be made of at least 60% local & regional, Midwest-grown ingredients from farmers in the area as well as 2nd version of the vegetables. (Every day in our area, thousands of pounds of perfectly good food are thrown away by farmers, food purveyors and producers simply because it is close to its sell-by date, is aesthetically imperfect or the purveyor has an overstock. When this food is thrown away it breaks down anaerobically in the landfill and produces methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas. In fact, food waste is the number one contributor to landfill.)

At Chef Pure Foods, our product would help reduce the price and less miles or transportation which would help farmers. Our solution is to implement a product that is local and from a direct source. The focus for these food products is for them to be 100% natural or as close to natural. 

Our stance will be for them to not have any added chemicals, preservatives or flavorings. The ingredients will have as many nutrients as possible. Such natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants have been shown to help with chronic disease prevention. These are not intended to be medicine by itself but have been shown for the past centuries help in the prevention of various diseases and to help combat weight gain and obesity. Healthier food choices help in a healthier and better lifestyle.

Are dried/dehydrated vegetables as nutritious as fresh vegetables?

We’re all about preserving the delicious flavor(s) and goodness of veggies in Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks. In general, when you air dry a veggie, you take the water out and everything else is concentrated, meaning you’ll find the same nutrients in our veggies as you would in the fresh version. And the flavors and spices get concentrated too, that’s why they Taste so great!

How long will Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks stay good for? /Does it go out of date?

Real food doesn’t last forever. So, we put a lot of thought into the best way to air dry veggie jerky to keep the flavor and texture great for as long as possible. We think we’ve found a great solution for shelf-life and we label every pouch with a “Best By” date. The date is on the back of the pouch.

Are there allergens where Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks are made?

Any of the big 8 allergens identified under the FDA Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2008 are labeled on the package. And we have an allergen control policy in place to prevent cross contamination. Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks plant has no allergies, BUT this product is processed in a facility that processes coconuts.  

Do Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks contain nuts?

No- A full list of ingredients for each product is on the product section of the website, and back of the package.

Are Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks Gluten, Dairy, Kosher, and Vegan?

All Pure Plant Jerky/Snacks are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Kosher, ensuring a wide range of dietary preferences and needs are catered to with our commitment to quality and inclusivity.

Are Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks being Non-GMO? 

Yes. All of our Jerky/snacks are Non-GMO.

Are Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks organic?  

No. We have been very focused on finding veggies that look, taste and feel like snackable versions of the ones you would use in your own kitchen. However, the farmers’ follow organic certification, but don’t buy the certification because too much money. 

How many ounces are in each bag?

The Chef Pure Veggie Jerky & Snacks varieties have 2 bags- large 2.5 oz. & snacks 1.5oz.  

Do you ship orders outside the USA? 

Not at the moment. We hope to ship outside the USA one day soon.